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Play 14: Training



Training and technical assistance for S·BI·RT implementation is available through the Center. Sustaining effective implementation, however, requires incorporating training into new staff orientation and regularly offering boosters to existing staff beyond initial training and implementation.

Purpose of Play 14 Create a plan for initial and ongoing training.
Definitions S·BI·RT training includes training in specific components, training in your site’s policy and procedure decisions, flow, and EHR modifications.
Team members Training staff should be included.
Measure(s) All staff and practitioners understand the S·BI·RT process as it is to be implemented at your site and are trained in and implementing their components of the S·BI·RT process.


Recommended Approach

  • List potential training topics/needs such as S·BI·RT Overview, Brief Intervention techniques, Site flow/EHR changes, etc.
  • Determine which can be done with internal staff and which requires outside resources. Can the training be done on site? Should the training be done in concert with other S·BI·RT implementers?
  • Determine where S·BI·RT training will be incorporated into new staff orientation and training.
  • Offer/require at least annual “booster” trainings for key staff.

Keep In Mind

  • The Center is available to provide or contract for external trainers for your site. S·BI·RT learning opportunities and resources available through the Center are available in Appendix U.
  • Training through the Center is modified to meet your individual site’s/practitioners’ needs.

Numerous on-line S·BI·RT trainings are available with CEUs/CMEs and can be a low-cost/no-cost means of ongoing training. Our recommendations are available in the Resources section.

Corresponding Appendix Section(s)

Appendix U – S·BI·RT Learning Opportunities and Resources Available Through the Center for Excellence

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