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Play 3: Developing a Plan

Developing a Plan – Goals and Strategies


The first step in implementing a new process or program is quality planning. Quality planning allows quality to be designed into a process before the first task has begun.

Purpose of Play 3 To ensure everyone on your team and in your practice knows the goals, aims and measures of S·BI·RT implementation.
  • A goal is a broad statement of what you plan to accomplish.
  • A strategy is the change you will make in your practice- what you will do to accomplish the goal.
  • An aim statement states specifically what you want to accomplish, and how you will know it when you do. It is more specific than a goal and can be measured.
  • Quality planning is a systematic process for implementing a new program or project that will be able to meet established goals under operating conditions.
Team members See Play 1.
Measure(s) A list of your aims and measures based on an assessment of your practice and the goals of S·BI·RT.


Recommended Approach

A template for your S·BI·RT Team Plan is available in Appendix E.

In one of your early meetings:

  • Determine the goal of S·BI·RT implementation and reach consensus on its value. Get all of the potential biases regarding alcohol and drug use out on the table. Seek consultation from the Center to address concerns.
  • Make a list of everything you are concerned about as you embark on this project, and review and resolve that list as you work. This may impact the order in which you prioritize your aims on your workplan and the order in which you begin to work through the Plays.
  • Discuss your current practice for assessing substance use, even if assessment is inconsistent. Make a flowchart or map of how it works—or doesn’t work—now. What are the issues? This may inform priority areas to address in S·BI·RT preparation.

Keep In Mind

  • Quality planning is the first step in quality management that includes systematic planning, monitoring alignment of process with goals and aims for quality assurance, and quality improvement, data-driven actions to make the process better.
  • Any quality planning/systems change process begins with an understanding of the current state.

Corresponding Appendix Section(s)

Appendix E – Team S·BI·RT Plan

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