Screen and Intervene: NH S·BI·RT Playbook Version 2.1, July 2017

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What is SBIRT? It's a set of processes that include discrete components of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment. Why should you implement SBIRT? NH currently has high rates of substance misuse. SBIRT can address this! Play 1 helps you get your implementation team organized. Play 3 provides tools and structure for developing a plan to implement SBIRT. Play 4 provides guidance on how to navigate concerns about patient confidentiality. Need a screening tool? Play 5 provides recommendations on evidence based tools. Play 6 navigates the concept of Brief Intervention and provides training resources. Play 7 helps your team strategize for getting the patients the help that they need. Play 8 helps your team organize a system to following up on the patient's progress. The nuts and bolts of how SBIRT will actually happen at your site. Play 10 helps your team examine what changes may need to be made to your EHR. Data, data, data. Play 11 helps your team examine the data and make improvements. Play 12 details the relevant billing codes to support the sustainability of SBIRT in your practice. Communication, both internal and external, is critical for sustained practice of SBIRT. Play 14 helps you consider what training your staff needs and resources to schedule those trainings. lay 15 invites your team to reflect on the journey so far and celebrate progress to date!

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View all online Playbook modules or download the full playbook (PDF) or request a hard copy.