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physician counsels a patient in clinic consult room


» Scope of the Problem: Alcohol and other drug misuse is having a devastating affect on New Hampshire's young adult population. Learn more about the state of the state.

» What is SBIRT? Learn more about the components of this evidence based process.

» SBIRT Brief: Screening - In this Adolescent SBIRT Brief learn more about issues related to screening for substance use among adolescents.

Perinatal Playbook

Screen and Intervene: NH S∙BI∙RT Implementation Playbook for Perinatal Providers

» This playbook provides a compendium of actions and / or strategies related to the implementation of S∙BI∙RT in obstetric settings. The plays were developed based on review of other 'how to' S∙BI∙RT guides and the recommendations and experiences of NH implementation team members across diverse sites, including specific recommendations from perinatal practices.