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Play 15: Reflection & Celebration

Reflection and Celebration


Quality improvement (QI) is challenging work. Periodic reflection in a safe environment provides an opportunity to evaluate what happened and why it happened, and to use that knowledge to sustain strengths and improve upon weaknesses. Sharing and celebrating success represents opportunities for professional development on a personal level, opportunities to highlight the work of the entire team and your organization, and to spread what works to other settings, promoting better care for everyone.

Purpose of Play 15 Document enablers and barriers to the work and acknowledge successes.
  • Reflection is mental concentration, careful consideration, a thought or an opinion resulting from such consideration.
  • Celebration is an essential component of performance improvement. A celebration acknowledges that something positive occurred.
Team members All staff should be included.
Measure(s) Timeline documenting key milestones of the work.


Recommended Approach

  • Periodically communicate outcomes.
  • Display ongoing progress of outcomes of work to acknowledge sustainability, encourage further work, and foster pride.
  • Engage in cross-team sharing during virtual and face-to-face meetings.

Keep In Mind

  • When progress is incremental, as it often is with QI, a team may feel it is accomplishing little. Celebrating even small successes helps to overcome that feeling.
  • Accomplishments are easier to remember when marked with celebrations.
  • Taking the time to commemorate a team’s achievements also makes it easier to recollect them when it is time to list those accomplishments, such as in a grant or proposal.
  • Never underestimate the human factor and that having people’s support for sustaining changes can make or break success.
  • Professional conferences provide a venue for sharing and recognizing your team’s work and success.

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